How to Make GTA 5 Full Screen on PC

This guide will let you know how to make Grand Theft Auto 5 full screen while playing from your PC. 

To check your screen’s resolution, you need to right-click on the desktop and then tap over to the display settings option, as shown in the image below. You will first need to go to the game menu and tap the settings tab. Then you have to click on graphic settings and change the resolution according to your screen.  

Now you need to scroll down and find the display resolution section. You will find your screen resolution, which you can change the resolution in the game and then press the enter key to save the changes. You will see that your game will be changed into full-screen mode, as shown in the image below.  

If you want a full game screen without any border, you have to open your game menu and then you have to click on the graphics settings option from the left menu. After that, you need to find and go to the screen type option and change it to windowed borderless, through which you will have a full screen without any border in the game screen, as shown in the image below. 

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