How To Make Millions With The Bunker In GTA 5 Online

In this article, you will get to know the tricks on how to make millions of dollars in a single day through bunkers. These tricks will save your precious time and you will be able to do the supply mission in a few minutes. You will be able to make money by applying these methods.

In the GTA 5 Online game, there’s a trick to make millions in just a short period of time. This trick will easily get you over 10 million dollars in a single day. It’s a very cheap method. For this method you will need a bunker. There are many expensive bunkers but you can buy the cheapest one.

There’s also a sale on bunkers so you can buy bunkers at cheap rates like for 1.2 million. Well the actual rate for that bunker will be 2 million.

You can buy a cheapest bunker which is for seven hundred thousands only. You can easily buy this bunker if you don’t have enough money to buy an expensive one.

Now all you have to do is go over your bunker and make the upgrades inside it. It takes eight and a half hours to fully fill up the bunker, if you don’t have upgrades inside it. But it will take only three hours, if you have upgrades inside it.

You don’t have to max your upgrades. It will help you out for sure but you can only upgrade your staff and equipment upgrades instead of upgrading them along with security upgrade.

If you want to save more time and go even faster, you can click Assign Staff To Manufacturing but If you don’t want to make money you can just click Research. To go even faster, you can also set it to both.

You can also buy supplies but the most reliable is stealing the supplies. You don’t have to buy it when you get it for free. You work for it and in the end, you will get free money when you sell your stocks.

The easiest way is just to go and collect all the supplies. You can call it the supply missions. You just have to shoot the bikers with your gun and then take them off their vehicles. After this you will get the vehicle and drive it back to your bunker. In these missions, you will get annoyed by the bikers chasing you.

Sometimes if you come over to deliver the supplies, it will not let you deliver the product. It’s the glitch which happens sometimes. All you have to do is to quit your game and reload it back.

There’s also another supply mission in which you have to go inside the building and take them out, get the supplies and then get out of there.

It will make you easy to do this, if you do this with an oppressor mark two. You don’t need friends to help you out and you will easily do this on your own. It will only take you four minutes to do it on an oppressor mark two. So you don’t need too much time for supply missions.

Now once you fill your supplies you can do other things in the game. After this, you can do other things to get money in the game. In the Valkyrie mission, the hardest thing is to dodge it. It will look like you shot it but you will miss your shot. After you get it, you have to take out the valkyrie for this mission.

You have to follow the insurgent. So you will go ahead and once you will go in front of it just put out some weapon like a mini gun and spray at it and take out the valkyrie. You will get in it and take it back for supplies.

Most of these supply missions will give you like 20 percent of your stock inside your bunker. So you will have 20 percent going up when you do it. You can wait for the stock to go up and sell it to make millions of dollars.

For another one you take the Dune FAVs and deliver the product. You just have to go to the final destination and click the right d-pad and it will deliver the product.

You have to do this five times with all four different vehicles. Then you have to deliver all four vehicles. If you have a friend who is not good at driving, don’t give him the vehicle as he may mess it up. You will get almost 2 million dollars after doing this.


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