How to Make Money With The Nightclub in GTA 5 Online

This guide explains the method to make money with the nightclub in GTA 5 online. Firstly, you need to buy DJs. Moreover, the assigning and unassigning of managers is an important task in this mission and you can have a look at the detailed method to complete this mission below.

It is not recommended to buy people like DJs by spending about 100 thousand dollars as you would only be able to make about 80 to 90,000 dollars in the end. From the page given below, you will be needing only one update which will be the actual facility update.

Moving onto the next update. If you buy the security update then you have to be in the lobby for a minimum of 8 hours.

The next update is the one that everyone wants in their GTA gaming experience. This update is related to actual production and the ground. It is this update from which you are going to make the most of your money in the game. You will be needing a CEO crate warehouse and the lock-ups related to bunker, meth, and weed. Moreover, you will need document forgery and counterfeit cash.

After you buy these possessions, the next step is to buy a Manager because they will be the ones who will control your business now. If you have let’s say 2 million dollars and a manager costs somewhat around half a million dollars then you should buy a manager and a business for somewhat around 1 and a half million dollars.

Once you buy a business, the next step is to set up that particular business and you will be getting supplies from the setup. After setting up the business, you can either set it off if you don’t want to complete the sell missions. If you are a grinder, then you can use the CEO or the bunkers to make money every day. You should assign your manager to the following businesses as shown below. You should assign managers to the full top row and the full left-hand side.

You will be getting a notification when your manager completes a product. Then you can assign him to another product. As long as you have 5 managers and all 7 businesses, then you can easily assign 5 managers to those 7 businesses. There is a popular problem that the product is not getting filled in some of the businesses. You can resolve this issue by unassigning the manager, saving the game by changing your outfit, and then you just have to reassign him to the business. This might also be the case that you can’t assign a manager to more than one business.

Another fix to this issue is to visit your business by yourself and check whether the business is shut down. If no one is there, so no product will be produced.

You don’t need many products in the business, you just need it to be running.

If you still are unable to resolve this issue, then you can contact rockstar as well. You must have done all the steps as discussed above to solve the problem in order to contact rockstar to resolve your query in the end. The business battles are basically for your nightclubs and the products which you get from them are really worth using.

In around half an hour, you can get around 8 crates with one of these business missions. Take one crate and bring it to your nightclub. Once you deliver it, you will get 10 thousand dollars and some bonus as well.

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