How To Make Nether Portal

The nether portal has a very important role in the game because it is used to teleport players to the Nether world. 

You’ll need Obsidian Blocks,  Nether Portal Frame and Flint And Steel to make a nether portal, Please follow the following steps to make a Nether Portal.

Obsidian Blocks

In order to make a nether portal, first you will have to find and get 14 obsidian rock blocks by using diamond pickaxe. It will take a few seconds to collect them after finding them.

Nether Portal Frame

Now you can make a nether portal. You need to find a solid place of your choice and place obsidian blocks by 4*5 layout to make a portal frame,  I.e. make a base of four obsidian blocks on a solid surface.

Place 4 obsidian blocks over the most left obsidian block. 

In the same way, place 4 obsidian blocks over the most right obsidian block too. It will make a U shape, now complete it by adding the remaining 2 obsidian blocks to make it a Frame of five blocks tall and four blocks wide.

Flint And Steel to Activate Nether Portal

After making the frame of the portal you will need flint and steel so that you can activate and light up the nether portal. Use of flint and steel is the easiest way to light up your portal. 

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