How To Make Netherite Ingot

Netherite Ingots let you upgrade your diamond armor and tools to netherite armor and tools. And the Netherite metal is immune to lava and the fire. You can also craft lodestone by using them.

If you want to make netherite ingots, you have to equip your diamond pickaxe first. Then make your way to the Nether.

Then find an extremely rare ore called ancient debris. Once you find it, break it down with your diamond pickaxe and collect four pieces. 

Make you way out of the Nether and go down stairs to the mining area. From there, you need to take four pieces of gold ore.

Go back up stairs and head towards the furnace. Use these dold ores on it to craft the gold ingots. Take the ingots in your inventory. 

The next step is to make the netherite scarp. Use the ancient debris ore on the furnace to craft it. Must take that into your inventory. 

After making these items, move to the crafting table and open a 3*3 crafting grid. Now you can craft netherite ingots by using netherite scarp and gold ingots on the crafting grid. Must remember to bring the ingots in your inventory.

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