How To Make Permanent Squad In Free Fire

This guide will tell how you can make a permanent squad in Free Fire.

  • The first important point to make a permanent squad is player selections. You must select the players of the same level to make a squad. So you will face enemies of the same level as yours.
  • You have to make an in-game leader who will lead or command your squad. The players with more experience and kills can become the leader of your squad, and all the other players must have to follow his instructions.

  • It is important to play a few matches with players that you want to make a squad with. It will help you to understand their gameplay and strategy before making the squad. Also, you have to give your best performance in these matches.
  • You must interact with quad mates while playing the game. All members will not get bored this way and get even more excited and involved in the game.
  • You always have to share your loot with the squad members. For example, if you have 4 glue walls, you can give one each to every member.
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