How To Make Prismarine

Prismarine is a stone that is found under the ocean in the ocean monuments. You can craft a block of prismarine and use it for decoration. 

To make a Prismarine Block, you’ll need to find the Ocean Monuments to get Prismarine shards by killing  Guardian under the sea. Please follow the following steps to make a Prismarine Block.

Ocean Monuments

In order to make sponge we first need to find ocean monuments. You will have to prepare some potions (potion of water breathing, potion of night vision, potion of regeneration)  and then find ocean monuments. Go towards the ocean to find a monument deep down in the ocean. These potions will help you find and see the monument from above the water and also help you to breathe after getting down in the ocean. Drink all the potions one by one before finding monuments.

Kill Guardian To Get Shards

After going down into the ocean you need to find and kill a guardian so that you can get four prismarine shards. It can take some time to kill them, be patient until you get the required shards.

Crafting Prismarine

Move out of the ocean and go towards the crafting table. Open up the 3*3 crafting grid and  add two prismarine shards in the lower two cells of the first column and two shards in the lower two cells of the second column. This will craft a prismarine block for you. Add this item in your “ready to use” stock. 

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