How to Make Quarry & Deep Mine – Dinkum

This guide will provide you with all the details about Basic Mining. You will learn how to make Quarry & Deep Mine Australian Life Simulator in Dinkum.

You have to make sure to have a mining license of minimum level one. With this, you can start mining copper and tin and after some time, you will need a deep mining license. For iron smelting, you already have John’s shop unlocked to buy a furnace.  

You will get your first level of mining from Fletch and buy the basic pick axe from John. You will get the first blueprint for your smelter by following the missions.

This basic pick axe will allow you to start mining the stone deposits or tin or copper deposits on the ground.

Stone deposits will drop stones obviously but there is little chance of getting tin and copper. There is also a chance of getting a shining stone or if you are lucky enough there is a chance of getting fossilized, nautilus shells. There is also a chance of getting stone deposits with a sparkling blue rock in them, which you can sell for alot of money.

From various crafting recipes, you can smelt down tin and copper. If you don’t sell these, it will help you later down the road for a lot of buildings and also can be used for upgrading your gear. You can put the shiny stones in the grinder which you can buy from John’s shop.  

The grinder will give you different types of auras like copper, tin, and iron and there is also a chance of getting gemstones like Opel. You can also get fossils in the stone departments. You can sell them to John or you can also use them for decoration purposes. 

Your license will be upgraded to level 2 at level 10 of mining. It will take a bit longer before you upgrade your gear and license. 

After getting level 2 of the license, you will be able to make a copper pickaxe. Then you can mine for a longer period because it has more durability. 

With this, not only you can mine previously mentioned deposits but you can also start mining the large grey stones and the iron deposits which are distributed across the island. 

These stones can drop anything that a small stone can drop, but the rate of tin, copper, and iron is much higher in these stones. With the copper pickaxe, you can also mine the iron deposits. You can smelt the iron ore with the help of a furnace, which you need to buy from John’s shop.

You will not be able to smelt the iron ores with the first furnace, in the beginning, so you have to buy a more expensive one from John.

If you have some pocket money, you will don’t need to look around the island, simply visit a science guy named Franklin and you can give him a few couples of shiny discs.  These shiny discs will increase knowledge of Franklin about the old world.

It will help Franklin to make more items for you. 

Franklin might give you a quarry that will drop tin, copper, or iron deposits. If you visit Franklin after a few days, he will have a lot of deposits waiting for you. You can place the quarry pretty much anywhere you want. 

With this, there is a little chance of getting a stone with opal in it or also you can also get some old-world containers with gears discs and much more in it.

Deep Mining License:

As the level two mining is unlocked, you will be able to unlock another license called the deep mining license. It will allow you to place an elevator that will go all the way down to deep mines. 

For the elevator, you need to buy a mining pass from John. By going down, you will find a lot of deposits of iron, copper, and tin. Mines can also spawn a ruby which can either be mined or sold for around 45k to 110k.

Deep mining is very dangerous because there are a lot of green poisoned crocodiles, which will do a lot of damage. Bush devils are also down there which will spit fireballs at you.

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