How To Make Scarecrow

Scarecrows help the players to keep the crows or other birds away from the fields. In this guide, you will learn the method to make a Scarecrow. 

You have to start by placing a spruce fence on the ground and stripped spruce wood at the top of this fence. Add a piece of spruce fence on the left and right side of the spruce wood. 

After this add an observer at the top of spruce wood and use strings on all the sides to add brown carpet on it as shown in the following image. And then put a spruce slab at the top. 

And then you have to make a banner. Bring the loom out and add a brown banner and yellow dye in it. Select the design of the banner to have a new one. 

Take this banner again into the loom with a yellow dye to make a new design of brow banner. Bring this banner into the loom with yellow dye for the final time. Select the design and add the final banner in your inventory. 

Finally add this banner on the front and back side to complete your Scarecrow.

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