How To Make Small Melon Farm

Small Melon Farm helps you to get melons in a quick instant. You can set a Small Melon Farm anywhere on the ground. 

This guide will tell you how to set up a Small Melon Farm. 

Just go through the guide and follow step by step instruction. Place a chest and three hoppers on to the ground.

Add a redstone repeater on the first hopper and an iron block in front of this repeater. Add a lever on the iron block and pull this lever down. 

Place some iron blocks at the back side and use redstone dust on it. And place a redstone repeater on one of the blocks as shown in the image below.

Fill the gap on ground by placing 2 dirt blocks and then place a piston trite next to the redstone repeater. 

Now you will be able to plan the melon. Use your hoe on the dirt block to plant melon seeds on it.

Now you have successfully grown a melon plant. Increase the tick speed and the piston will drop the melons in the hopper. Then you will be able to add the watermelons in the chest box. 

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