How To Make Smithing Table

Smithing Table helps you to create the netherite armor and tools using the netherite and diamond armor and tools. You can easily make the smiting table by following the steps below.

This is a detailed guide that will let you know how to make a smiting table. The first thing you need to do is to get the wooden log. Chop down any tree around you and take the wooden log.

After taking the wooden log, go down stairs to the mining area. Look for the iron ore and take two pieces of it.

Go back up stairs and make your way towards the furnace. Use the iron on the furnace in order to make iron ingots and bring them in your inventory.

Move to the crafting grid and make wooden planks by using the wooden logs. Don’t forget to take them in your inventory. Now you will be able to make the smiting table. Use four wooden plans and two iron ores on the 3*3 grid to make the smiting table.

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