How To Make Smooth Sandstone

Smooth sandstone is a craftable block that is used for the decoration. To make smooth sandstone, Equip your Stone Shovel and look for sand somewhere near water in the fields. Start digging and get at least 16 sands from there. 

After getting the sand, make your way towards the crafting table, it will take just a few moments to reach there. Open up the 3*3 crafting grid.

For crafting we will first convert 4 sandstones to a single sandstone. Use 16 sandstones on the crafting grid to make 4 sandstones. 

Put these 4 into inventory.  Now we can craft the smooth sandstone by using these on the crafting table. Place them on the crafting grid to get smooth sandstone. Always remember to take them into your inventory.

Smooth sandstone can be used for decoration purpose.

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