How To Make Smooth Stone Slab

Smooth stone slab is an important item to have in your inventory. It is made up of smooth stone and can be used to craft the armor stand.

This is a detailed guide that will tell you how to make smooth stone slabs. The first thing that you need to get is the cobblestone. Move to the location of a horse statue and start breaking the step like structure with the help of a hamer.

Collect 3 pieces of cobblestone and take them to the furnace. Use the cobblestone on the furnace to make stones. Take these stones into the inventory.

And then use these stones on the furnace to make smooth stones. Don’t forget to take them in your inventory. Now you can easily make the smooth stone slab.

Move to the crafting table and open the crafting grid. Use three smooth stones on the grid, it will make six smooth stone slabs.

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