How To Make Thief Trap In Lumber Tycoon 2

In this brief guide you will get to know how to make a thief trap in lumber tycoon 2 because there are many people who want to steal my woods, so here is a solution to that.

You will need some stuff before making a trap like chairs, wood blocks by using a blockage machine.

Place some blueprints of chairs and then fill them up with these wood blocks, fill it up completely.

Place the bait woods over these covered chairs giving a look of a table.

Now close the border with tiles. You need to cover it from every side.

Once it is ready, wait for a few moments for a thief. He will be trapped when he tries to pick the bait woods.

Move your chop saw close to prey and cut them down easily.

Some modifications to see inside. Get some glass from the furnishing store.

We need eight glass panes. It will cost you 50 bucks for a single glass pane.

Now move all large and small tiles aside. And put these glass panes at their places.

So that we can see the interior.


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