How To Make White Shield

White shield is a defensive tool that is used to defend the attacks of the enemies. It is quite strong and big enough to save your body. 

In order to make a Defensive white shield you need to do some necessary tasks. Take an iron axe and move towards the trees to get two blocks of Raw wood. Chop down any tree and pick two blocks of wood. 

The next thing you need to find is an iron ore. Go down stairs and look for the iron ores. Smash them and collect four to eight blocks. Bring them into your inventory and take the way back. 

Now you have to make an iron ingot from this iron ore using the furnace. Go towards the furnace to make it happen.

To get iron ingot use iron ore and coal after that wait for a few moments. Bring iron ingot into the inventory.

After that make wooden planks from wood blocks that we have in stock. Go to the crafting table now and put oak wood on 3*3 crafting grid. You will get 4 planks of wood from a single block and 8 from 2 blocks.

Now you can make a shield by using the wooden planks and iron ingot. Use six planks with an iron ingot on the crafting grid to get a shield. Put the shield into your ‘ready to use” stock. 

Coming to the next step, find sheep and get at least six wools. Move here and there to find sheep and don’t kill them just use scissors to get wool out of them. you may find a swarm of sheep so that you can collect all six wools at once.

Go to the crafting table again to craft some sticks. Use two wooden planks to 4 sticks. Put these sticks into your inventory so that you can use them later on.

Then you will have to make a white banner. To craft it you need 6 wools and one stick to put in the 3*3 grid. Take this white banner into ready to use stock row.

Now finally it’s time to craft our required item which is a white shield. For this you will have to put stick and white banner on the 3*3 crafting grid. Wait a moment and your defensive shield will be ready to use.

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