How To Make Yellow Concrete

Yellow concrete blocks can be used for decoration.

To make a Yellow Concrete, you’d need Sand Blocks, Gravel, Dandelion or Sunflower, Dandelion Yellow Dye and Yellow Concrete Powder. Please follow the following steps to make Yellow Concrete.

Sand Blocks

In order to make Yellow concrete, the basic required item will be sand. Go near the water stream and you will find sand there. You will have to find and get at least four sand blocks. Use your iron shovel to collect the sand.


After that you will have to find gravel. Collect at least four of them.

Dandelion or Sunflower

The next thing you need to find is a sunflower. Look for a sunflower around the playing field and pick one. 

Dandelion Yellow Dye

Go towards the crafting table and add sunflower on 3*3 crafting grid. It will craft Dandelion Yellow dye for you. Take it into your inventory.

Yellow Concrete Powder

Now you can craft Yellow concrete powder as you have  dandelion yellow dye, sand blocks and gravel blocks in your inventory. Add 4 gravel blocks, dandelion yellow dye and 4 sand blocks on the 3*3 crafting grid. This will give you yellow concrete powder.   

Yellow Concrete

You can make yellow concrete now by placing yellow concrete powder in the water. Go towards the water and place it into the water, you can obtain yellow concrete by using pickaxe.

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