How to Marry with Your Ally – Elona Mobile

This guide will let you know how to marry your ally and make them drop an egg in Elone Mobile. 

The first thing you will have to do is improve your relationship with allies. You need 200 relationship points so that your allies accept your marriage Proposal.  

You can sleep together to increase your relationship. 

But remember to do it gradually because if you’re not careful sometimes, your allies will decide to run away. 

It is recommended to do it from a whisper, and if it is over 100, you can then try other options. Reviving allies also adds relationship points. 

And several other ways such as giving gifts, fighting together, and even using potions.

That was how to increase relationship points. Now let’s go to the next step, marrying your ally.

After reaching 200 points or more, you have to talk to your allies. Select marriage, and yes, you have managed to marry her. 

And let’s go to the next stage and make them drop eggs. You need a love potion that will give you a chance to get your allies eggs. 

You can get the monster drop from redeem code and Event.

Let’s learn how to make her lay eggs.

This egg! You can incubate it or eat it.  

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