How To Max Out Cards in Frag Pro Shooter

In this guide, you will get to know about 6 ways to max out cards in Frag Pro Shooter.

As you all know, to level up the one character we need lots of cards of that same character and in this guide, we are going to show you some methods to get lots of cards.

#1 Joker Card

As you all know we have one feature in our game, it is called joker card. The joker card helps to give extra cards of the character that you want to level up.

For every different type of card, you need a different amount of joker cards. Like for one legendary card, you will need 4000 joker cards.

And for one epic card, you need a hundred joker cards.

For the one rare card, you will need 10 joker cards.

And for one common card, only 1 joker card is needed.

With the help of the joker cards, you can level up your cipher to 11.

For the higher levels, you also need lots of gold coins to level up the character.

That’s why start saving you coins for upgrading your favourite characters. And the joker card is one of the easiest and fastest methods to level up your cards.

#2 Daily Shop Cards

You will get new cards every day for coins. As you can see, there are three cards to exchange for coins and every card has a different cost, you can buy from your coins.

And every day new cards are sold in exchange for coins. That’s why check every day when your favourite cards come to sell. You can buy that card and level up your cards very easily. Legendary cards also come for the sales but it is for forty thousand coins. It is recommended that you don’t buy the legendary card or don’t buy costly cards from shops. You can buy common or rare cards from shops. Like don’t buy an EPIC card because it is too costly for 3000 coins.

With help of this method, you can level up the queen unicorn easily because they only cost 30 coins per card.

#3 Club Donations

If you have a good club then you can get lots of cards as a donation and it is really helpful for leveling up your cards faster.

As you can see, that’s how you can ask for donations in your club. Everyone donate cards to each other and that helps level up faster. And getting donations from club members is one of the easiest and quickest methods.

#4 Chest

As you all know the biggest source of getting cards is from the chest. And if you want to level up your card faster, then you need to open lots of chests. There is one trick to tell you and with the help of that you can open lots of chest in one day.

As you all know, we get lots of chests like one common chest. It only takes 3 hours to open. Then we have a golden chest it’s takes 8 hours to open. And then you have another chest that needs 12 hours to open.

If you want to open many chests per day then follow these steps to open lots of chests per day. What you need to do in the daytime, you have to open 3 hours chest and if you do it correctly you can open 4 or 5 chests. When you are going to sleep then open the big chest like 8 hours for 12 hours you can open 5 chest per day. And that you get lots of cards in one day to level up your character very quickly. You can also get free cards from the mission box.

And you get daily one frag chest and for that you need to frag some opponent’s card.

If you complete The mission you can also get one chest over here.

That means you can open seven or eight chests everyday and get lots of cards and level up your team very easily and quickly.

#5 New Season

As you all know, the new season comes with a new season pass. And where you can get lots of chests and in the process, you can also get lots of cards.

It helps to level up your team very quickly because you get lots of cards in this chest. And for getting all the chest, you need to play the events because events give you more experience than normal matches. Then you can open the chest very easily and quickly. And the new season does not only come with new season rewards but with league rewards also.

And here also you can get lots of cards and chest for free. With the help of these cards, you can easily level up your team.

#6 Events

As you all know that event plays an important role in a full game. Like because of the events, you get lots of new and old cards. As you can see here, it is a street frag event spin.

And there you can get 3 lucha cards and 113 cards of virus. That’s how you can get lots of cards with one spin event. And if you spin 150 tickets you can also get 150 joker cards. And same goes for other events there are lots of events and they give you good rewards. As you can see in this event you can get chest coins and diamonds also.

Every event gives you some good reward; you only need to play and save them. As you can see we have lots of events to get diamond gold coins or lots of cards. You just need to play the game and save the coins and joker cards. And use your joker cards and golden coin for that card that you use in your team. Like do not waste on something that you do not use in your team. And that’s the tip to increase your gold coin and diamonds and joker cards in game.



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