How To Mod Your Multiplier & Highscore?

In this guide, you will get to know how you can mod your multipliers and highscore.

Here you just want to get your ball multiplier up to x3 or x4. Once it’s x3 or x4, click the home button and launch gamegem.

Here you’ll just need to search your multiplier number.

Once it’s done head back to the game and increase your multiplier number.

You only really need to increase it by 1. Once you’ve increased it, double tap the home button and open gamegem. Now search for your new number.

Go back to the game and increase your number one more time. Then head back to Gamegem for the last time to search for your new number. Once your results are below 10, you’ll need to press these 3 buttons.(In order).

Here you can put whatever you want.

Once it’s completed, you can head back to the game. For this, you’ll just repeat the steps used to MOD the multiplier. If you MOD your Highscore after modding your multiplier, make sure you reset Gamegem first by pressing the button on the top right side of the screen.

If you don’t do that, first you’ll get 0 results and think something went wrong. You don’t have to mod your multiplier to mod your high score, the multiplier is just for fun. These first searches are always a pain. Enter your new high score here.

There it is! Hope you enjoyed it.


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