How To Never Get Defeated In A Boss Battle – Toram Online

In this guide, you will learn how to never get defeated in a boss battle in Toram Online.

This skill will reduce the reviving time by 50%. This sakura armor adds -30%, available at the blacksmith. If the event is over you can just get Seele’s droppable armor.

This gear also drops from Seele, a common drop. You can still get up to -3% more from avatars.

Let’s see how low the countdown is now.

Let’s go to a boss and try a resurrection gem. -75% more of this gem. Looks like we can’t benefit from this soloing.

Usually there are 4 members in a game run. 12 seconds countdown, so it takes around 3-6 actual seconds to revive. (4 seconds average)

The invincible time is just enough to let other party members revive so this way you can never get defeated in boss field.


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