How To Open The Gate – GTA 5 Online

This guide explains two easy methods of opening the gates in GTA online. Gates are of two types, rolling and fence gates. You can take help of a bolt cutter or a burning torch to open up such gates in GTA Online and can collect the valuable items available inside like cash.

In this guide you will learn how to open the side and some other stuff in which some of the GTA players find themselves in trouble. There are two types of gates, one is the rolling gate and the other one is the fence gate. First of all, there is a gate shaped like this.

You have to check the side panels of this gate and hit this button right here.

This gate opens up very easily.

Now you will be shown how to open up the other gate. To open up these types of gates you need a bolt cutter or you can get a burning torch.

You just burn the gate with the help of this burning torch and get inside the gate to pick up the cash or whatever you find as valuable stuff inside.

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