How to Party & Play With Friends in Vainglory

This guide will let you know how to party & play with friends in the Vainglory Community Edition. You have to follow all the steps carefully to do so. 

First of all, to make this work, you’re going to update to the latest version of the Vanguard community edition, which is 1b. If you’re updating from the 1a client, you won’t be able to use skins anymore since they don’t work in the 1b client. You need the latest version because you have to pick your name instead of having one assigned to you so that you can include some special characters in your name.

You have to prefix your in-game name with numbers using an underscore, so the number before your name will now represent your elo. Elo is your rank score, so the higher elo is, the better you are, and the lower your elo is worse off. There has always been an invisible elo type of thing during the wrangler community edition.

Now, suppose you have a friend that you want to play with. In that case, you can do the same thing and say their name to 1000 and underscore whatever they want their sign to be, so what this will do is it’s going to set their elo to 1002. You’re going to match if you choose a number at or over 3000 as your elo. You’re only going to be compared with other people with that same number elo.

If you have 3002 underscore doom, you will be matched with other people with 3002 emphasize and then their name because both the right yellows will be 3200. You’re only going to be matched with other people with 3200 elo, so if you pick a number over 3000 and do not have an entire group, you’re going to be sending a queue for a while, then it won’t match you with other people.

If you don’t have a complete party, let’s say you have a group of like three people, which is not enough for a full match. Still, if you’re looking to do a 5v5, you’re going to pick a number between 1000 and 2000 since that’s where most people’s invisible elo is at, so what’s going to happen is you three are very likely to get matched against each other. Then other people can still join, so you’re going to be able to reach out. Now, if you have a group of six people for 3v3 or a group of 10 people for 5v5, you can pick a number over 3000 because then you’re only going to match each other. Nobody else will get in and join the game.

The underscore you use must be the English one. So if you’re using a different language keyboard, it will not work, and you’re going to have to switch to the English underscore to get the correct symbol.

It’s not unusual for players to match with each other when they queue simultaneously. But it is hard because they have to dodge or decline until they finally get into the same match. It is why it takes so long to find a match.

But the good news is that you don’t have to wait in line anymore. So queuing will be better for everyone. It also opens the door for a lot of new opportunities. If you’re in a queue for a long time, it might not work correctly, so make sure you use it correctly and report any bugs if you see them.

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