How to Play as Animals in GTA 5

In this guide, you will learn how to play as animals in Grand Theft Auto Online. 


  • Empty second character slot. 
  • A bird unlocked in director mode.  
  • Someone in a private session you are not invited to. 
  • The animal you want. 
  • Patience (Def. worth it). 

It also works with most human NPCs in director mode, but nothing special about them. 

Animals that work are deer, coyote, cat, boar(rarely), pig(sometimes), small dogs (pug, westy) and cow.

So from the story mode, you will need to choose a character and create a new character in the second slot. (if you have a character here, then don’t care about it, delete it).

After that, you have to press No.  

Once you load in, go to swap character and delete the character you just created. 

Once it’s gone, you have to go to the empty character and press return to Grand Theft Auto V. 

Load the save that has the animal you want (even if it’s already loaded). 

After that, you will need to open the director mode and select a bird.

Hover over “quiet director mode” and spam X (A for Xbox) when you are very close to getting run over (this is the hard part). 

This part may take you multiple tries, but you will get the wasted screen when you hit it.

You will see the wasted screen and the bird getting absolutely destroyed in the background after this loading screen. If not, then you have to try again. 

Sometimes it could take forever to pop up. This time it took almost a minute. 

Once you get the wasted screen, wait for it to go away and then 15 seconds on the black screen. After 15 seconds, you have to hold the touchpad and listen to the sound. When you hear it, press up once and press X(or A), then accept. 

After that, choose the animal or character you want to take online and quit director mode. The hard part is now over if you have the animal in story mode. 

You can no longer change the appearance of the animal that goes online. You’ll only get the unchanged version of it. 

Now you will need to leave the Director mode. 

You have to run away from where you spawned and join someone in a private session. 

After that, wait a second before accepting the private session alert. 

If you start seeing the names at the bottom and it’s not loading you in, the animal you chose is blacklisted. Close the app and start over. 

What works:

  • Vehicles that are already on. 
  • Throwables (bombs, snowballs, etc.)
  • Walking in reverse.
  • Anything the animal can do.
  • Ammu nation store (avoid parachutes and accessories)
  • Joining new sessions.
  • Pretty much everything, go try things. 

What doesn’t work: 

  • Guns. 
  • Clothing stores and barbers.
  • Vehicles that aren’t already on. 
  • jumping.

If you accidentally aim a gun and can’t move, you have to press triangle to get into a car or easy way out. 

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