How To Play Co-Op In Forza Horizon 5 (Multiplayer)

In this guide, you will learn how to play Co-Op In Forza Horizon 5. Follow the step-by-step instructions in this guide to play the Co-Op game.  

First, you have to unlock online from the main menu; open the main menu, and complete all the races. After the races, you will unlock the Online tab and shown in the image below.  

Click on the Convoy button, which will make you or your friend a leader. When you press the Y button, you will get the menu that will invite friends or find a convoy. So if you find a friend who is going to play with you, click on his icon to send him an invite.   

When your friend accepts your invite, he will be in your convey, or your group, but it will sometimes add them to your world. If you go to your convey list, you have to click Y and join the session, and if not, you can start the race.  

When the race is completed, you and your friend will be in the world together, and only the leader of the convey can start the events.  

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