How to Play Defense – NBA 2k22

This guide will provide you with all the defense techniques in NBA 2K22. You will be able to stop your opponent from scoring a goal after following all these defense techniques. 

Intense Defense: 

You will need to simply approach the ball-hander for an intense defense, then press and hold L2. 


You have to press the Triangle button after getting closer to the shooter to block him throwing the ball into the basket. 


To steal the ball from the opponent, you will need to press the Square button while in the passing lane. Your player will swipe at the ball. 

Crowd Dibbler:

Press and hold L2 and move towards the dribbler, which is crowding him. You can use this method to keep crowding him all the time. 

Fast Shuffle: 

For the Fast Shuffle, you will need to press and hold L2+R2 while moving in any direction. 

Hands Up:

You have to move and hold the R button to get your hands up in the air. It will help to block your opponent from scoring a goal. 

Hands Out:

You have to move and hold R left or right to defend the passing lane. You can defend the passing lane with this method. 

Shot Contest: 

To contest your opponent’s shot, you will need to move up the R button and quickly release it. 

On Ball Steal: 

You have to move down the R button and then quickly release for an On Ball Steal. 

Vertical Contest: 

Hold L away from the shooter and then press the Triangle button. In this way, you can contest the shot of your opponent player. 

Swat Block:

For swat block, you will need to hold the R2 button and then press the triangle button. You can contest the shot of the opponent and block him from scoring a goal. 

Take Charge:

If you want to take charge, you have to hold the Circle button. 


You can flop over by double-tapping the circle button. It will force the match referee to call a foul. 

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