How To Play Servers In TLauncher

As you know, T-Launcher is cracked Minecraft, and you cannot join premium servers.

This guide will let you know how to play cracked servers for free with T-launcher, and it is easy. First, you will need to open T-Launcher.

And sign in to your T-Launcher account if you want a custom skin.

As you can see here, joining premium servers will give you errors like “down for maintenance” or “Banned”. So, this guide will show you how to join the cracked servers.

Open any browser, and search for “cracked minecraft Servers”.

Find a server you like, and click the copy button to copy the IP address.

After that, you will need to click on Add server.

Paste the address and choose any name.

Then you have to click on “Join Server”.

Cracked servers will ask you to register for the first time and ask you to type something like/register in the chat <password><confirmpassword>.

Some only ask for a password, but some also ask for an email and username.

It will only prompt you once to do this, and some servers will never log you out. Make sure you remember this password, as it is not straightforward to reset. Now you can join the servers in Minecraft 2019.

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