How To Play Shadow Fight Arena Multiplayer Pvp With Friends

This guide will let you know how to play Shadow Fight Arena Multiplayer PVP with friends.
Go to the Hero library to see all the characters of the game. You will need cards to unlock these characters. You can earn cards as a reward for winning the battles.

You will also earn emotes as a reward for winning the battles. If you are not getting emotes and character cards, you can purchase them from the game’s shop by spending coins, diamonds, or cash.


  • Login daily to earn rewards like coins, diamonds, character cards, and more.

  • The Arena rank rewards feature will provide you different rewards as you upgrade your rank. But if you continuously lose the game, your rank will drop. So it is important to win the battles consistently.

  • The account reward system will reward you according to your level. The more level will ensure more rewards for your character.

Game Modes:

  1. In the Ranked mode, your rank will upgrade as you keep winning the battles, but it will drop down if you lose the battles.
  2. The unranked mode won’t affect your rank, even if you win or lose the battles.
  3. In the AI Only mode, you have to compete against artificial intelligence.
  4. The VS mode lets you play with your friends. Click on VS mode and then tap Create fight. You will get a fight ID; share it with your friend to invite him in the fight.

Your friend will need to click the Join Fight option and enter the code to start the multiplayer fight.

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