How To Prevent Players From Robbing Anything In Jailbreak

This guide will let you know a brand new trolling glitch inside jailbreak. This glitch allows you to prevent all prayers from doing the bank robbery; it makes the glitch great for trolling random players or any streamers robbing.

This glitch is insane since you can prevent all prayers from robbing anything again.

To do this glitch, you first have to make your way outside and become a criminal.

You may need a friend or alt account to help start the glitch off.

Once escaped, spawn in any vehicle and make your way over to any item robbery.

These robbers include the passenger train, museum, cargo plane, and new tomb.

It is highly recommended to use the museum robbery if you have never done this yet. But once at your chosen robbery, wait for it to open for a player. Once a player arrives, you have to start robbery like normal by igniting two explosives.

Now, you have to open your head in the museum and collect your items normally.

Next, after collecting until you are full, go to either side and finish the escape puzzle.

After finishing the robbery, you will need to spawn any vehicle and head to the bank.

But once there, wait for the robbery to open just like earlier.

Remember that you or another player will need a keycard to get inside. Once opened, make your way downstairs in the robbery, towards the main vault.

You have to make sure you don’t die or somehow lose your bag before doing this.

But once the vault opens, you need to make your way inside before all players quickly.

The disabled bank glitch will now be working right if you get inside first.

Any players who walk inside the vault will not collect any money.

Exiting the vault will break “the glitch”, and the players will start collecting money.

Now, no matter what you do, you cannot get the glitch working once again.

It means you need to stay inside the vault at all times to glitch it.

It is recommended to suggest trying this glitch the next time you want to troll. You can break the entire bank robbery using one bag when doing this glitch.

It makes it the easiest way to act like a cheater using any hack.

Once again, your alt account may be unable to rob while you are in the vault. The game only considers the glitch if the player is still inside.

Walking outside makes the game thinks you left, and it restarts the vault again.

However, if the other player walks back out while you’re inside, it starts working.

It just means you need to stay inside the vault the whole time to glitch. Just remember to stay inside the longest for the glitch to work.

Also, this glitch can be * done with other robberies for breaking the vaults.

One of these robberies also includes the cargo plane, which can work. To do this with the plane, you first have to head to the airport and wait for its arrival.

Once landed, you have to make your way inside the cargo planer and wait for it to take off.

Once at max height, start inspecting the crates until you get any value crate.

Once collected, you have to exit the cargo plane and head to the bank robbery.

Next, you need to go inside the bank and make your way towards the vaults. Make sure you have at least one other player robbing it to work, but once the vault opens, you quickly need to head inside before everyone.

And just like that, after walking inside first, nobody can collect any cash. It shows that you can do this with almost any robbery in the game.

It is recommended to test all robberies to see which work with this glitch. As well, you can prevent people from robbing inside of public servers.

Currently, this character is in a full server with a museum bag inside her.

If you quickly walk in the vault before everyone, 00 you will break it too.

And once again, after going inside first the auto robber is unable to collect money.

It is identified by not having the duffel bag 4. Visible on their avatar.

But if you walk outside, they return to collecting the money.

This glitch also makes it a great way to “stop” anyone hacking from collecting.

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