How To Progress Season 14 | Last Day On Earth: Survival

In this brief guide, you will come to know how to progress season 14 in the Last Day On Earth: Survival game.

First, you will need to go to the Genesis outpost, meet Ctz. K, then go to the port, and you’ll find him there.

C. K needs an access code for the lab. In port.

That won’t come in the game, maybe on the 10th anniversary, who knows. Devs could add animation while opening the gate, as they added earlier on driving boats.

Then EVA comes, and your season 14 starts. No need for a mask here, though.

Three quests every 6 hrs; after taking a quest, you will find details on the upper left side.

You will find different tasks every time; you have to go and prove it now.

These items make grenades and containers.

Special delivery contracts and Eva tasks only give seasonal rewards. And for antidotes, you have to kill zombies. Different zombies will drop different samples.

If you complete all three quests, you will get 30 season points. Only the yellow special contracts give both seasons contracts rewards.


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