How To Progress Season 15 – Last Day On Earth

In this brief guide, you will get to know how to progress season 15.

You have to do tasks and get rewards. The tasks may vary, but the process is the same for week 1. You will get case #1, called the slippery slope.

The clue is the same for everyone. There are four pages for case 1. Case 2 and 3 will be unlocked in weeks 2 and 3.

The first step is to find evidence in the motel. Completing the tasks will progress your season rewards, so the tasks are essential.

Take the quest first. Also, completing tasks will give you order points [for cargo].

Evidence 1

Evidence 2

For the third piece of evidence, you will need to go deeper.

Killing zombies gives you order points that increase the cargo value

The third one was the raider’s note; now go back to the last stop.

And get all the rewards.

Completing the first step (clue) gives 100 points with 200 order points. That processes your rewards in season. Now other tasks may vary from player to player.

You can take any of these two tasks.

These tasks give only 10 points with 100 cargo order points. If you take the contra-band quest, you will need to cut down five trees in a pine grove. Cut any five trees; the raiders will attack you while cutting; kill them.

Go back to the last stop, get the rewards, and take on tasks. Another task is target neutralized simple, kill recklessly in limestone cliffs.

Tasks will be updated in 6h, so wait for six hours, and you will get new tasks.

Now, what is the cargo system? Well, as you kill zombies and complete tasks, you will get order points.

Three types of cargo there; commons are simple; you need 250 points. When your cargo value increases, you will get better loot.

Now how can you get order points fast? Killing lurker and zombie bear give you 300 cargo points each [resbak].

Also, clearing red, yellow zones gives a good amount of cargo points. As you can reset the bravo system, you shall clear floor two half and reset.

Don’t forget to take unusual samples that you can exchange in bars with bike skins. The second value cargo is valuable; you will need 500 points. The last one is a high-value cargo. You need 750 points for that.

If you don’t want to do bravo, go for alfa. You will get the precious cargo.

You can skip the time with coins. Rewards will vary for sure. Claim one will directly go to your inbox. Rest you can claim with more coins.


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