How to Purify The Crystal In Genshin Impact

This guide will let you know how to purify the Crystal in Genshin Impact. Go through the guide and follow the simple steps to purify it. 

When you look at the crystal, you will see darkish tendrils coming out from it, so you have to follow the tendrils to find all the switches. Once you find it, you need to go closer to it, and you will also need four energies, and you have to make sure to stay in the area. You will need to defeat the enemies out there.

To find the next switch, you have to head over to the right side of the area until you find another switch. You need to use your energy when you find it and then wait until it’s fully charged. To find the third switch, you need to go to the top right side of the area. When you get there, you first have to recharge your energy, then blow the big object and recharge your energy, and then go to the switch.

When you get to the switch, you will find shield enemies, so you have to fight with them and defeat them after breaking their shields. You will need to recharge a few times while fighting, so you need more energy. For the next location, head over to the bottom left side of the map in the area, and when you get there, you will find enemies, but they won’t fire on you. You have to run around the area, collect a few of the energies, and then fight with them.

You need to head over to the bottom left side of the map for the last location, and you will find the switch there. When you have all of the switches, you need to go back and activate the statue or stone, and there you will also need to fight with the boss, and once you defeat the boss, you will get progress in the story.

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