How to Rank Up Fast (8000 XP per Hour) – Red Dead Online

This guide shows you how to rank up fast in Red Dead Online. You will be able to get 8,000 XP every hour by following the method discussed in this guide. 

It is a legit and safe method that requires two players. You have to create a temporary pose with a friend and start the mission “Kill Them, Each and Everyone” from the progress menu.

It is the last story mission in Red Dead Online. The replay option will be available only if the mission has already been completed by the posse leader.

Step 1

You have to start the matchmaking and leave the lobby immediately. Then select “Exit with posse”.

Step 2

Both players will spawn in free roam near the mission mark at two crows in cholla springs.

Step 3

Now reach the yellow mark together simultaneously by riding a single horse to activate the mission.

Step 4

The next thing you have to do is select “Start Mission”, and you’ll be able to play this mission with your friend.

Step 5

Play the mission until you reach Fort Mercer.

Step 6

You have to equip the carbine repeater and switch ammo type to “Split Point” for this method to work.

You will get 50 split point ammo automatically at every respawn during this mission. This kind of ammo adds +6 XP per kill.

Step 7

You will need to make your way into the fort, and if you die, restart from the checkpoint.

The trick is to combine your experience points by executing enemies with the carbine repeater.

Step 8

You have to kill as many enemies as possible with this weapon by getting near them and performing an execution with R2/RT.

This kind of action will give a combined total of 23 or 34 XP points (6 XP kill+11XP Execution+11XP Eyes wide shut+6XP Special Ammo).

Step 9

You have to kill everyone, and as soon as teddy brown appears, the real grind begins. In this boss fight, there are seven enemies that you can kill with executions.

If you die, you will immediately respawn where the action is, keep farming execution kills and stay away from Teddy.

While your friend keeps teddy busy, you can rack up more than 200 XP in one or two minutes.

Step 10

Don’t kill teddy; otherwise, the mission will end; after taking out the enemies, let him kill you and select “Retry checkpoint”.

Always remember to equip split point ammo every time you start from the checkpoint.

With this method, you can make around 8000 XP Per hour (If done by a single player), or around 4000 Xp per hour if both players play alternate turns.

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