How To Reach Grandmaster Solo In Garena Free Fire

This guide will let you know how to reach the Grandmaster in Free Fire.

  • The first tip is that you should always take a Bonfire and Scanner as a loadout. The bonfire will return your HP when you are short of medkit, and the scanner will let you know how many players are coming down with you.

  • You have to land in the area with the least amount of players. If you find two guns, one helmet, vest, and gloo wall there, that will be quite enough to push your rank.

  • You have to go up on the tower, make a gloo wall and place a land mine on it. Don’t wait for the enemy to come closer to the tower, instead, you will need to kill them when they are trying to approach the tower.

  • To camp in a house, you have to enter the house and look for the oil barrel. Sneak yourself into the barrel, and no enemy will be able to see you. You can easily counter them once they enter the house.

  • The next tip is that you must use headphones while playing the game. You will hear the voice of your nearby enemy with headphones, follow his voice and kill the enemy.

  • If you are short of loot or money, you think you cannot beat a particular enemy. You can step back and start running towards the zone, lay down on the ground, and restore your health.

  • The next tip is that you should use the black Lamborghini for this whenever you want to go to your target area, circle or zone. No enemy will be able to kill you; otherwise, you will be vulnerable to them.

  • You have to keep rotating your character while picking up the loot. It will help you locate the enemy and pick up the loot at the same time. The enemy won’t be able to hit your head.

  • The next tip is that you must always keep changing your position to bluff the enemies. It will leave your enemy guessing.

  • The last tip is that you should stay near the end of the circle. It will help you to win and get the booyah.

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