How to Reach Guarma & Mexico in Red Dead Redemption 2

A new glitch in Red Dead Redemption 2 lets you reach Nuevo Paraiso and Guarma in single-player after the latest patch (v1.03), and the credit goes to Exploit Theory for finding this glitch. This method will show you how to reach these locations without using cheats and returning to the U.S. For this glitch to work, you have to get drunk in a specific cave on the map. 

You can use this glitch at any point during the story, but you have to use the New Austin glitch if you want to do it before the Epilogue. Otherwise, you can stay as far as you can from the boundaries of New Austin and reach Nuevo Paraiso safely without getting shot by the invisible sniper.

You will need to make sure to buy enough provisions, liquors, and horse care before doing this glitch. The journey to reach Nuevo Paraiso is long.

The first and easiest one is where the special character “Cave Hermit” is, south of the Stilt Shack, a big valley in West Elizabeth.

To perform this glitch, you have to go deep inside the cave and drink liquors until you pass out. You will spawn on the top of the mountain.

The second cave is where the special character “Giant” is located, west of The Loft in Ambarino.

The Loft:

You have to be very careful. Don’t go too close to the map borders; otherwise, you will immediately slide down into the explorable map.

You can use wild horses stuck outside the map, north of Calumet Ravine and Tempest Rim (Ambarino) and north of Gaptooth Ridge (New Austin).

Calumet Ravine & Tempest Rim (Ambarino):

Gaptooth Ridge (New Austin):

Travel around the map boundaries until you reach New Austin.

And reach the area south of the Sea of Coronado, New Austin.

You will need to travel south and cross the San Luis River.

And continue to travel south by the shoreline.

From here, you can travel north-east to reach Mexico or south-east to reach Guarma.

You can use this glitch to visit areas that normally cannot be reached and remove the fog of war from the map.

Except for El Presidio, the entire state of Nuevo Paraiso is a wasteland. Places like Escalera or Casa Madrugada are empty spaces.

You can either kill yourself or jump down from the border and spawn in the explorable part of the island.

With this glitch, you can also complete your compendium with all Guarma’s missable animals (not required for 100% or the trophy).

Remember to study, track, kill, and skin pluck animals to have 100% completion for each animal in the compendium.

Here, you can also find a rare green turtle that is not listed in the animal compendium and hidden in the game.

Your health core is empty. Your health will regenerate slower. Sleep or eat food such as meats and canned food to refill your health. If you want to come back to the U.S after you are done in Guarma, you need to activate the “autosave” option.

Once done, head to Guarma’s restricted areas and let the invisible sniper kill you.

If you go to Guarma before Chapter 5, there won’t be any restricted area. Shoot the lawmen and let them kill you. It will activate the invisible sniper.

You will respawn in the explorable area of Guarma. Wait for the autosave confirmation, then reload the autosave from the pause menu.

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