How to Reach Mythical Glory in Mobile Legends

This guide will let you know how you can reach the Mythical Glory in Mobile Legends. Go through the guide and follow the instructions to reach glory. 

Strong rotation is a must-have for taking objectives from time to time. 

You will come to know how to do a strong, effective rotation. You can do a buff first, but it is good to clear a minion wave first because you can see their positioning, movement, and laning.

So, after clearing the lane, if the Litho wanderer is on your side, you should take it. 

But if it is on their side, do not take it because it will waste your time. If the Litho wanderer is on their side, your tank and support should be the ones who will contest it. After that, you have to go and take your blue buff.

They will continue annoying the enemy core in the blue buff. After taking blue buff, you will need to go straight to your red buff, give the minion wave to your support to help them level up faster.

After taking two buffs, you can take any jungle creep to reach level 4 and find a kill potential. The jungle creep is already taken out here, so you have to find another way to get to your goal as a core.

The next step after taking two buffs is to take one jungle creep than a crab.

Since the start of the game, the enemy core did not take the Litho wanderer; they are rushing their rotation. You can take it, then go to the next goal, which is finding a killing potential.

After completing the early game rotation, which is taking 2 buffs, 1 jungle creep, a crab or a Litho, you have to go and find a kill potential.

Both of them are overextended, which means they are too deep, and it is a factor and a sign that it is a kill potential. The “pure time management” skill will be very useful here. 

Which means that, taking objectives from time to time, because time is important in this game. You should not waste time as you are aiming to take the gold lead to take advantage. Good decision making will also enter this scenario because it comes to your decision what objective should be taken first. 

So as a core, you have to be wise. 

And the next lesson is about the game timers. You can do a much stronger rotation when you have a game timer. 

It is the knowledge about the objectives spawn time and availability time. You have to clear the minion wave first. 

Litho is on their side, so you have to go to blue, and the tank will be the one who will contest the Litho and annoy the enemy core.

After taking blue, you will need to go straight forward to red. 

At this point, you should take the jungle creep on both sides and then take crab. But your offlane commands that Paquito is in the bush, so you have to take the mid side jungle creep and finally, easily reach level 4. Then continue the rotation to the crab. 

In this scenario, the game timer will show you how it works. 

But the difference between you and the enemy core is that you know what time the objectives will be available from 2 min, the turtle is up. So you should take it as fast as you can and be good at execution if the enemy is also skilled but look at our enemy; they know basic rotation but not the game timer.

Before the turtle is up, you will need to be in position while the enemy is out of position. 

It is a big advantage if you know when the objectives will spawn and the availability time again because taking objectives much faster than the enemy will help you find a killing potential much faster than them. 

And knowing the spawn time of buff crab turtle and the lord will help you take the gold lead in the early game and help you in good positioning in mid-game such as you already know where to position yourself before the objective is available.

Having a game timer and perfect rotation will help you to reach mythical glory.  

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