How to Reform your Culture – Crusader Kings 3

In this guide, you will come to know how to reform your culture in Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court.

To reform your culture, you must be your cultural head and click on the small candle to open your culture menu. Now you will see ethos; it describes your cultural outlook. Next, you will see the pillars; your cultural origins, like your language and aesthetics. You can also change it from there if the option is available. You will need to click on the reform welsh, and you will see that you can change the marshall status from men only to women or both.

The traditions tab reflects the traditions, behaviours and practices of your people. So you can only alter one aspect of a culture at a time. You cannot do it simultaneously if you want to change your ethos, so you have to wait until it’s unlocked. You can also replace any ethos for hefty prestige, which will cost you twenty thousand, as shown in the image below. 

You can replace and add a tradition, and there are five different categories of tradition Realm, Warfare, Social, Ritual and Regional. When you see a red exclamation mark, you cannot get it. You will need to move your cursor over the icon and see what requirement you need to get this, as shown in the image below.

The cost of buying a tradition varies on non-mandatory requirements, and if you are unable to meet these requirements, it adds extra prestige, and it will cost to enact the tradition.

To replace a tradition, you need to pay for fifty presents, extra credits which are expensive and also it takes time and the time required to add a new tradition is twelve years.

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