How to Remake “Ten Thousand Sword Rules” in Soul Knight

Do You remember the bug “Ten Thousand Sword Rules”? Let’s recreate it in the origin mode of version 3.1.3. This guide will tell you how you can remake “Ten Thousand Sword Rules” in Soul Knight. 

To get the bug, you will need to bring Bayonet in a Ground to origin.

Step 1: Remains the same: Use a Weapon and create 2 swords.

Step 2: Die as soon as the effects of the two swords are still active.

Step 3: Revive, and then you can use the weapons.

The basic mechanism to summon more swords without losing the old sword is to add new swords to old swords. But there is one important note. When the ground returns to light, you will need to use it quickly.

But if you leave, it lit for too long, the effect of that sword will be lost.

At that time, your sword number will be reset back to the original. Since it died once, you have to be careful.

Build a block to stack the monsters quickly.

Now see how powerful it is:

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