How to Request a Trade – NBA 2k22

In this guide, you will learn how to request a trade in the NBA 2k22: Current Gen. You have to follow the given guide, and you will be able to know the steps, and by following them, you can do it.

You will get a cutscene after playing ten games. GM is telling you that you have made the starting lineup. You have to be a starter because it is the first step to request a trade. 

Further, after a few more games, you will get a series of key storyline cutscenes. The very first is Perkins cutscene, in which he addresses the trade rumours.

Then you will get another cutscene from Ricky in which he has already seen Perkin’s video, and he asks you if you want to continue trading. You have to say Yes there.  

Now you are done with the cutscene; you have to play another game. After that game, your agent will ask you to choose your top three destinations. If you want to go to Bulls, you need to make sure that it is your top destination. After that, you can choose the other teams.

In the same cutscene, your agent will ask you for the approach you want once you choose the teams. You have to choose the aggressive behaviour there to trade as soon as possible. Then your agent will ask you again, and you have to choose the aggressive behaviour this time again.

After your other further games, you will get a cutscene in which your coach asks why you want to trade. Here, you can say that “It’s just business, nothing personal”.

Afterwards, you will get a cutscene from Ricky in which he tells you that he set up the interview with Candace. After getting into the cutscene with her, she will tell you that the trade rumours were true. You have to select “Yes it’s accurate” here.

After that, you will get more cutscenes, including Perkin’s one and the other cutscene with your teammate.

Then you will come up to the cutscene with your agent, in which she tells you that your trade request is accepted and you are no longer a player of your previous team. After getting out of the cutscene, you will get a message that shows, “Your trade request has been completed.” 

You need to play ten games in the beginning to become a starter. It is the first requirement to request the trade-in  NBA 2k22: Current Gen. It takes some time as it is a storyline. You can speed things up by being aggressive. It will save you precious time.

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