How to Reset villager trades in Minecraft Bedrock

In this guide, you will come to know how to reset villager trades in Bedrock with NO TOOLS.

There is a better way to reroll your point of interest block for your villager trades instead of using an axe.

If you got a villager stuck into a little trading center like this there’s a little bed down there, you’ve got your point of interest block right here.

And you don’t really like the trade that he has, so you’ve to re-roll him traditionally. Everybody will use an axe, you have to break this thing, grab it and place it back down.

There’s a better way; underneath this point of interest block, there is a sticky piston pointing straight up to the sky.

You need to break this block, so you can see what it looks like.

Now in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft; if you move the point of interest block, you will see that that villager is going to change and then re-link.

It is a much faster much more efficient way of getting trades re-rolled and you will not don’t lose the durability of your weapons.

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