How to Revive Characters in Genshin Impact Without Food

In this guide, you will come to know how to revive the characters in Genshin Impact without food or with teyvat fried eggs.

You will need to go to the game options, go to your inventory, and tap on the food tab. You have to select the Teyvat Fried Egg in the food menu, which will revive your character and restore 100 HP.

Now you have to use this item to revive people. You can also get this item by cooking fried eggs, so you need bird eggs, and you can find these eggs easily around the world laying on the ground.

You can also get this item from the vendor inside the Mondstadt. 

You will need to speak with the vendor and purchase the cooked meals to obtain the Teyvat fried eggs from the above location when you get there. 

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