How To Rob A Bank In Dude Theft Wars

In this guide, you will learn how to rob a bank in Dude Theft Wars. It will let you know the method to get into the vault.

First, make your way to the Bank!

After that, you arrive outside the bank.

You need to shoot the CCTVs, so that police cannot find you.

Make sure there’s no evidence. Look inside a lot of money, you need to get inside there.

You cannot even destroy the door.

It doesn’t destroy from the inside also. So, you need to stand a few steps below on the stairs then open your phone, then open duber and search for pewdie chair. You will need 399$ for the chair.

Buy it and sit on the chair. Place the chair outside the door(as shown in the image below) and get out of the chair.

Boom! You are inside but you can’t take the money.

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