How to Rob the Power Plant in Jailbreak Roblox

This guide will let you know how to Rob Power Plant in Jailbreak Roblox. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to rob it.  

To rob the power plant in Jailbreak, you first need to get a helicopter and make your way to the power plant. You need to follow the small light bulb icon from the minimap to get there. You need to go to the electricity box and then hack the computer when you get there. To hack the computer, you need to complete the puzzle and connect all the lines, as shown in the image below.

When you hack the computer successfully, you will see that the door will open, so you have to go through the door and move forward. You will find a conveyor belt going forward, so you have to jump on it and make your way forward. When you see a red wire on the conveyor belt, you have to jump and try to avoid it because it will damage you, as shown in the image below.

When you find a small platform on the left side of the conveyor belt, you have to jump on it. You will find another electric box, so now you need to hack the computer there, and you will get a uranium value which you can sell to the collector at the volcano base. You need to escape as fast as possible from the power plant, as shown in the image below.  

When you get out, you need to get into your helicopter and make your way to the volcano base, and you can easily spot the place by its huge smoke on top of it. When you get there, you will find a cave. You will need to get inside the cave, run down the path as fast as possible, and go to the criminal base collector. When you step on the platform, you will get a notification of robbery success, and you will get four thousand and seven hundred dollars, as shown in the image below.

If you cannot successfully rob a power plant, you have to do all of the above steps and complete them to get rewards.

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