How to S-Rank Dr. Kahl’s Ro in Cuphead

This guide will let you know how to S-Rank Dr. Kahl’s Robot. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to do so. 

First, you have to destroy the antenna to get in line with the level of the antenna and try to hit both of the bullets to the antenna.

If you’re successful, then you’ll be able to destroy the antennae before the robot launches the laser. If you fail to do so, then just simply reset.  

After that, move to the bottom of the screen, shoot the outcoming airplane, and do not forget to collect pink parry in the lightning.

Then again go back to the bottom left of the screen and then try to initiate as many ex attacks as you can but don’t use super. You can dodge the golden screws easier if you’re further away from them.

Once the hanger is destroyed, you need to stop your ex attacks and move to the middle of the screen. Keep shooting while avoiding the screws and keep parrying the pink ones when the heart is revealed. 

There are two attacks, either the magnet or the hand. If it is the magnet, just keep on adjusting to the middle of the screen, and if it is the hand, then you have to move away while dodging other projectiles.

You just have to keep shooting the heart. After a while, the boss will start to shrivel. 

Then you have to start hitting his head and after a short while, his head will come shooting toward you. This will be the time to use the super attack. 

After that, the head will come at the bottom of the screen, you just have to chase it while shooting. 

You must try to steer clear of the wall that the boss shoots at you

And try to hit him as much as you can. The trick is to get as many parries as you can and then attack super when it’s not firing at a closer distance. You need to keep your size small as it’s easy to dodge.

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