How To Sail (Basic) | The Turbulent Seas

In this guide, you will learn how to sail in Roblox The Turbulent Seas. 

The first thing you will need to do is spawn your ship at the table in front of spawn.

And then board your ship. 

You have to raise your anchor with the capstan in front of your ship. Hold E to interact, and W to start pulling it up. 

If you want to drop it after it’s pulled up, hold E on it.

After that, go to the rope right of your ship, and hold E on it to interact. You have to hold S to drop the sails and W to pull the sails up. 

After moving, go to your helm, hold H to interact, A and D to control the ship.

After the course is set, you will need to angle your sails.

Look at the flag above your mast; it shows the wind direction. You need your sails to face that direction.

If this is done right, the ship should move 10 percent faster.

To change the direction of the sails, you have to go to the rope left of the Helm. Press E to interact with it, W to turn your sails right, S for left.

After the sails are angled, you are good to go.

You will have to look out for water going into your lower deck when you are sailing because of waves. If you have water in your lower deck, use a bucket to bucket out the water(the bucket can be crafted at a crafting bench with 3 planks and 1 iron). 

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