How to Send Skin in Mobile Legends

In this guide, you will learn to send the skin to anyone in Mobile Legends. Go through the guide and follow the instructions to send skins.   

Step 1

If you only know his/her IGID (in-game id). 

Type it in the search or add a friend button, and click ID search. If you see his name, then you will need to hit details and click the copy button to copy his IGN or nickname. 

Step 2

Now here is the first way to send gifts, go to the shop.  

Step 3

And click on Skins on the right side of your screen.  

Step 4

Choose the skin you want to give and send. Then paste the IGN you copied a while ago.  

Step 5

You will need to check if the name is correct and click send; you can type a message for him. Hit send, then ok, and it’s done! 

And here is the other way to send gifts, you have to click the gifting at the top and choose any of the skin you want to give. After that, find or search the IGN of your friend. 

Just click send, and that’s it. 

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