How to Setup 3DS Emulator (Citra)

This guide will let you know how to set up 3DS Emulator. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to do so.

Download Citra

First, you have to go to to download Citra. Open the page, click on the download tab and then tap on other platforms. You will find that it is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux, you need to click on your desired operating system to download this. Then click on Finish after downloading.

Citra Settings

1- You have to make sure that you have your nightly folder on your desktop. Open this folder to excess the emulator, then find Citra-qt and open it up. After that, click on the emulator tab, select Configure, and a new window will pop in front of you. You have to go to graphics and make sure that the internal resolution is set to your monitor’s native resolution.

2- After that, go to the Audio tab on the left-hand side and set Emulation to HLE(fast). If you have any sound quality issues in the game, then you can change this to LLE.

3- After this, go to the controls tab and your button layout is set according to your keyboard by default. To change it, you have to make sure that the controller you want to use should be connected to your PC by wire or by Bluetooth. To map your buttons, you have to just select the button you want to change.

After this, you are ready to add your games as it says double click on the home screen to add files, double click on it then click your game and press the add button. As now your games are added now you can enjoy them.

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