How to Sign in To Playstation Network on PS5 & Reset Password

This guide will tell you how to Sign in to Playstation Network on PS5 & Reset your Password.

1- First of all, you will be brought to the screen saying to press the PS button on your controller. After pressing the PS button, you will find all your account. You have to select the account through which you want to sign back in.

2- After that, go to the quick menu and navigate to Game base. You will find the sign-in option.

3- To sign in, you have to go to settings and then go to Users and Account. Click on the sign-in button and then type your username and password.

In case you have forgotten the password, then you have to press the Triangle button on the sign-in page. It will take you to the forget your password page. You have to type your email address and then click on the Next button.

After this, a password reset link will be sent to your email address, you have to go to that link and reset your password. You have to type your email and password again, and then you will be signed back in. In case you have a PlayStation mobile app, then you can sign using a QR code.

The second step is to enable the two-step verification. For this, you have to add a phone number to your account and then enter a code sent to your mobile number to sign in. It will prevent your account from hacking.

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