How To Skip The Cooldown And Fly Forever In Jailbreak?

This guide will tell you how you can skip the Cooldown and Fly Forever in Roblox Jailbreak. Go through the guide and follow the step-by-step instructions to fly forever.

This Glitch is OP since you can fly forever and never wait to refill.

This glitch allows you to have infinite jetpack fuel and skip the cooldown. This glitch is great for grinding money faster and escaping police. To do this glitch, you need to first escape the prison.

This glitch can be done on both teams.

Once you escape, spawn any vehicle and head to the Jetpack spawn.

Next, exit your vehicle and grab the jetpack.

Now, you have to use your jetpack until it is empty.

You can only do this glitch if you have no fuel left in the tank.

Once empty, wait for the cooldown to finish.

Now, press the red refill button but don’t fill the jetpack tank.

Instead, use your jetpack while empty again to show the refill button.

Now, you have to fill your jetpack and press the reload button again.

You need to be fairly quick when doing this glitch since the button disappears.

But, if you still see the refill option while full, then it worked. Now, start flying with your jetpack.

Don’t close the option to refill, or the glitch won’t work.

Now, once almost empty on fuel land, but don’t use it all.

Once you land, press the reload button, and you should have more fuel.

You can skip the refill cool down, and have a full tank.

This Glitch is very useful since you can fly longer with the jetpack.

Just keep in mind, you need to land and wait after you fly again.

It is because the refill option is gone, and you have to wait.

This Glitch is great for escaping police or getting around fast.

This Glitch is also great for earning money and XP faster.

It is suggested to try this glitch the next time you play jailbreak. This Glitch can also be done using the rocket jetpack fuel.

To do this glitch with the rocket fuel, first, you have to press the reload button. Next, do the same Glitch but with the purchase Menu instead.

And just like that, you will be able to use the rocket fuel and can refill again.

It is great to do if you want to fly high while using the jetpack.

Just remember you can’t refill for some time, and it will cost more ROBUX. Before you run out of fuel, stop flying and land to refill the jetpack.

But just like that, you will be able to fly again with the rocket fuel.

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