How To Skip The Entire Bank Obby In Jailbreak

This is such a useful Glitch whenever you are robbing the bank. It allows you to skip the entire bank obby and still collect your money. This glitch is great if you are grinding levels or if you need a quick bounty. In this guide, you will learn the method to perform this glitch.

To do this glitch, you have to escape the prison first.

Once you escape, get a vehicle and make your way to the bank.

Next, wait for the bank robbery to open. Once the bank opens, start the robbery like normal. Make sure there is another person inside the bank robbing with you.Once you have the money, let yourself die inside of the bank.

Now, make your way back to the bank.

Once at the bank, walk inside until you join the robbery again. Now, exit the bank through any door and collect your money. This Glitch is very useful if the person with the keycard dies and also very useful when doing the presidential vault. While doing this glitch, make sure you get back before everyone leaves or dies. If you get back and the robbery finishes, you will be unable to earn money.

When doing this Glitch, make sure to time when to stop earning money and die. This Glitch was done on a vip server but here’s how you do it on a public server. Here’s a look of a robbery inside the public.

Since it’s not sure when they will leave, it’s collect in half. If it does not show you finished the robbery, that is just a visual bug. In robberies with multiple people, it will not always show your money.

This glitch is harder to do in public servers since people die and will end the robbery.


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