How To Solo Kill Joe Kujoe | YBA Roblox

This guide will let you know how To Solo Kill Joe Kujoe in YBA Roblox. Go through the guide and you will also learn how to block and attack Joe Kujoe.
You need to be able to block perfectly, or you can’t solo him.

You have to start with T and get him as far as you can.

He will use a skill crusher, so perfectly block it and use y with normal punches.

You have to get far from him, then wait for the skill crusher and perfect block again. And then use the uppercut.

You can also heal yourself while he is flying.

And repeat the step until half health.

You can also use Z for more damage.

After his HP goes yellow, you have to repeat the step, no normal punches, but instantly use T/Y.

If you use this step, he can’t beat you down.

Also, don’t try to mess it up.

If he TS, waits till the TS circle disappears and jumps!!

You can also use a counter when you fall.

That is why you shouldn’t mess up.

Half HP!!! And even more.

Remember to perfect the block after he uses his barrage.

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